Album #407 – Public Image: First Issue

Album #407

After The Sex Pistols imploded, John Lydon decided to leave the past behind with his new band Public Image Ltd. or PiL. Lydon wanted to do music his way and he wanted to remove himself as far away from the Pistols as possible. Lydon teams up with bassist Jah Wobble, guitarist Keith Levene and drummer Jim Walker to create a unique sound not heard in music at the time. The album’s opening track, Theme, consists of Lydon screaming at the top of his lungs, in a different voice from what he used on the Pistols’ work. But, Theme is still very melodic in terms of musicianship. Theme somewhat reminds me of the sound bands like Husker Du were going for five years after this albums release, Religion I, the second track, is actually a spoken word piece, that I really enjoyed, in which Lydon attacks organized religion. Religion II is a continuation of these lyrics with musical accompaniment. The rest of the album symbolizes the sound that PiL would embody throughout the rest of their existence. Melodic musical backing with Lydon’s trademark wailing and half-singing/half-talking. I really enjoyed Public Image: First Issue and it will be interesting to see where PiL goes next in terms of sound. Other highlights include: Annalisa, Public Image, Low Life and Attack. Overall, I give Public Image: First Issue, 5 out of 5.

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