Album #410 – One Nation Under A Groove

Album #410

One Nation Under A Groove continues Funkadelic’s tradition of funk with unique lyrics and production. The difference between this album and the other P-Funk albums that I have listened to is that this album was more accessible and mirrored it’s sound with both rock and disco influences. This is the most prevalent on the song Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock? It’s a song in which Funkadelic successfully plays rock and challenges the boundaries set by musical genres. The rest of the album mixes messages of political and social importance but in the humorous and fun way that only Funkadelic can do. This album also marks the first appearance of former Ohio Players member Walter “Junie” Morrison on a P-Funk release. He would shape the group’s sound and bring them to new heights. One Nation Under A Groove was the start of that. Other highlights include: One Nation Under A Groove, Groovallegiance and Cholly (Funk Getting Ready to Roll!). Overall, I give One Nation Under A Groove, 4 out of 5.

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