Album #412 – Live and Dangerous

Album #412

After listening to the insanity that was album #411, I was needing something more familiar for album #412. I found that on Thin Lizzy’s Live and Dangerous, an album that is special for three reasons: 1. The group covers the Bob Seger song, Rosalie, on this album which holds special meaning to me because it was written about Rosalie Trombley, the famed music director of the Big 8, CKLW Windsor, during it’s glory years. 2. Huey Lewis plays harmonica on the album’s second last track, Baby Drives Me Crazy. and 3. This album was partially recorded in Toronto. There is controversy as to whether a significant portion of this album was overdubbed. If it was, it is not noticeable. Live albums were heavily edited and/or overdubbed during this period. Record companies looked at live albums as a gamble and tried to make them sound better than these groups actually were live. It helped. Live albums usually sold well because of this. As a live album, Live and Dangerous is one of the best. Thin Lizzy really has an effect on their audience. You can hear clapping and cheers throughout. Phil Lynott, the group’s bassist and front man, also brings a unique energy and fun not present with other bands of the time. You can tell that they were having fun on stage. All the big hits are performed here: The Boys Are Back In Town, Jailbreak, Cowboy Song. But, many of the album tracks are amazing too: Emerald, Still in Love with You and Sha La La. I really enjoyed Live and Dangerous and it captures rock and roll the way it should be: Loud, Rockin’ and exciting. They truly ROCKED the house!!! Overall, I give Live and Dangerous, 5 out of 5.

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