Album #420 – Eternally Yours

Album #420

The Saints were not what I expected. Luckily, this was a good thing. They are an Australian punk band. Eternally Yours is their second album and, compared to most punk albums that I listened to, this album was musically diverse. A few horns here, an acoustic guitar there. Each song was different than the one before. Chris Bailey has the typical punk singer voice and most of the songs cover similar topics but, it was musically refreshing. Eternally Yours could certainly be a sign of things to come. Punk and alternative rock bands of the 80’s were constantly experimenting with different styles and sounds within the genre. If anything, The Saints pioneered this and showed that punk and new wave groups could be more than the genre constraints that defined them. Thank goodness the excitement, power and passion has not disappeared. Highlights include: Know Your Product, Lost and Found, Memories Are Made of This, Private Affair, A Minor Aversion, This Perfect Day, Ostralia (an ironic song about their homeland) and (I’m) Misunderstood. Overall, I give this album, 4.5 out of 5.

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