Album #424 – Germfree Adolescents

Album #424

This album blew me away. X-Ray Spex rank up there as one of the best punk bands I have encountered so far on the list. Their music has energy and incorporates several different styles. X-Ray Spex even have a sax player as part of the band. This was a rarity in most punk circles. Unlike most of the punk albums I have listened to, EVERY song is different. This is a big bonus for me. But, the thing that I liked most about X-Ray Spex was their lead singer/front woman Poly Styrene. She is the anti rockstar, if their ever was one but, she became one of the most powerful females in rock music.  Styrene got her inspiration to form this band from watching the Sex Pistols in their early days. As a result, her voice is a female version of Johnny Rotten’s style of singing when he was in the Pistols. But, she also has a manic energy that was rarely seen in punk and she changed her voice to match the style of the song. The lyrics were at times indecipherable but, that does not take away from the power of this band and their songs. Like most punk bands though, X-Ray Spex members would go their separate ways but, Styrene would continue to make music until her death in 2011.  Highlights include: Art-I-Ficial, Warrior in Woolworths, I Can’t Do Anything, Identity,  Genetic Engineering, I Am A Poseur, Germfree Adolescents and the best track on this album, Plastic Bag. Overall, I give Germfree Adolescents, 4.5 out of 5.

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