Album #428 – We Are Family

Album #428

When I first saw this album on this list, I wondered if the people who put the book together lost their heads. Sister Sledge, before listening to this album, were a one-hit wonder to me. The song We Are Family is one of the most recognizable songs to come out of the disco era. But, many don’t know that it was actually written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, the creative force behind Chic. Because of this, Sister Sledge and this album hold a new found respect from yours truly. Sister Sledge was indeed a family affair and the group consisted of four sisters. But, the rest of the musicians on this album come from the band Chic. We Are Family as an album, according to Nile Rodgers, is the best work they’ve ever done. It combines disco, r&b and funk so well that Rodgers and Edwards influenced a generation of musicians including Duran Duran, Queen and Blondie. I was moving and grooving to each track, which made it fun and energetic. It was a delight to listen to and We Are Family could have been an album by Chic but luckily, Sister Sledge got their moment in the spotlight. Other highlights include the album’s other hit He’s The Greatest Dancer, Lost In Music, Somebody Loves Me, Thinking of You and You’re A Friend To Me. Overall, I give We Are Family, 4.5 out of 5.

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