Album #432 – Movies

Album #432

Holger Czukay up to this point was best known as the Guitarist for krautrock band Can. Movies was his first solo album in 10 years and the album instantly reminded me of some of the late 70’s prog rock artists who never seemed to make it big: Be Bop Deluxe and Steve Hilliage. With his guitar playing at the core, Movies actually is not only the title of this album but an integral part too. Czukay takes samples from several movies and TV shows and adds them into the album’s songs. This is so common place in pop music now but, back in 1979, Czukay was ahead of his time. The other integral part of the sound on Movies is that of other cultures. Persian Love is a song that contains a sample of an Iranian singer on shortwave radio. Czukay was actually spellbound by radio in his youth. It is where he discovered rock music and other worldly forms of music. His experimentation in World Music would make movies ahead of its time in that World Beat really didn’t take off until the mid 1980’s. Most importantly, Czukay made the music on this album accessible. There are shades of avant garde here BUT, they are not too deep or overpowering. Like Brian Eno, Czukay did have pop sensibilities which were never fully explored during his time in Can. He mixes in melody with experimentation to create something that resonates with the listener and is exciting to listen to. I will definitely be adding Movies to my collection in the near future. Other highlights include: Cool In The Pool and Oh Lord, Give Us More Money. Overall, I give Movies, 5 out of 5.

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