Album #454 – Kings of the Wild Frontier

Album #454

Adam and The Ants put a distinctive look to New Wave. Their style was unlike anything else at the time. Their musical sound was also unique. Kings of the Wild Frontier is part African rhythms, part military chant, part New Wave uniqueness. Adam Ant may be more known for the clothes he wore, than the music he made. Yet, it would be one more year before his influence would become huge in the U.S. Adam Ant was one of MTV’s first stars. His look and style were perfect for the music video channel. But, when this album was released, it’s influence was yet to be felt. The title track, Dog Eat Dog and Antmusic were all top 10 hits in the UK. Adam and the Ants are like many New Wave groups of the Early 80’s. Their style and sound combined the energy of punk with other musical sounds. Without punk, Adam and The Ants might have been a different sounding group. Not only did punk influence them, but Duane Eddy and Link Wray were also influences on guitarist Marco Pironni, adding a strong element of pop music’s past to their sound. Kings of the Wild Frontier is a great start to an amazing decade of music. Overall, I give Kings of the Wild Frontier, 4 out of 5.

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