Album #456 – Back in Black

Album #456

For most bands, it would be impossible to continue on after their lead singer died. The front man is an essential part of every rock band and, many times their huge ego gets in the way, leading to a breakup. But, AC/DC continued on and were in luck when they found Brian Johnson, who was as it turns out a huge fan of the band and was even recommended by Bon Scott. How cool is that? The cover was actually a tribute to Bon but, in order to keep it, the record company wanted the letters outlined in grey. Back in Black’s cover has become one of the most simple and iconic in rock and roll, parodied by everyone from Spinal Tap to Metallica. The album is one of the best sounding I have ever heard. It has been used to test sound systems in recording studios and live set ups for rock bands. Every song is as good as the one before it and Back In Black holds up almost 35 years later. There are many that say that AC/DC was polished by this point and that producer Mutt Lange detracted from their sound. Lange did brighten it up but, the album is still pure rock and roll. When I’m looking for a pick me up, Back In Black does the job. Every song makes you feel good and it was hard to find pure rock and roll in 1980. The sound is just as raw as Highway to Hell but, Lange’s production makes it stronger and stand out more. Brian Johnson proves on this album why he is one of the best front men in rock. A unique high pitched voice that adds to the already classic AC/DC sound. To jump into Bon’s spot so quickly, must have been difficult. But, he does is with such ease. The band is in full form. Angus Young’s guitar solos are iconic and helped shape hard rock in the 80’s and beyond. The rest of the band continues to perfect their hard blues rock sound. Back In Black is one of the best albums I have ever heard and it is a great addition to my collection. Some people can listen to pop or dance music at a party, for me, nothing makes me feel more alive than this album. It’s no secret why Back in Black is AC/DC’s biggest selling album and thankfully, the group is still touring and sounding better than ever. In fact, this album is one of the biggest selling albums worldwide. Now I know why they are my best friend’s favourite band. If only ALL rock and roll could sound this good. Highlights include: Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, What Do You Do For Money Honey, Given the Dog a Bone, Back In Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, Have A Drink on Me and Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution. Overall, I give Back in Black, a rare 10 out of 5.

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