Album #461 – Seventeen Seconds

Album #461

Seventeen Seconds is the second studio album by The Cure. Comparing this to what they would sound like a few years later, is like night and day. I found this album to lack the excitement of their later releases. Every song sounded similar: very dark, droning and minimal. To listen only to Seventeen Seconds and base judgement on the group’s entire career is ludicrous. Luckily, Robert Smith, lead singer and front man, would change and evolve the sound of the Cure. I am glad that I get to review some of their later albums for the challenge because thankfully, the Cure became more exciting and relevant. Seventeen Seconds has been called one of the first Goth Rock albums but, I disagree. Goth became more than the sounds here as the decade went along. I think many bands in 1980, were still trying to play with post punk. Synths and color would become big in three years time and make music more exciting. It’s just a shame it take the Cure as long to catch up. Highlights include: A Forest. Overall, I give Seventeen Seconds, 2.5 out of 5.

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