Album #462 – Crocodiles

Album #462

Echo & The Bunnymen are not only one of the most unique bands of the 80’s but, they developed a signature style. Lead singer Ian McCulloch has one of the best voices in music. The quality of their music mixes the Doors, dream pop and post-punk in a way that had never been done before. Their first album, Crocodiles, is like any debut. You can see the inklings of their unique sound but, it has not fully developed yet. This is a far cry from the acts of today who are in many cases pressured to come up with instant success right away. For Echo & The Bunnymen, their sound would fully develop over the next four years until their creative peak on Ocean Rain. But, for a debut, Crocodiles is not bad. Ian McCulloch sings with great conviction. The sound is dark, but not boring. Alternative music from the 1980’s is exciting to me because of this. Bands were not afraid to experiment. Sometimes the results would work, sometimes they wouldn’t. Today, many indie musicians have adopted this characteristic. If anything, it makes the music more exciting and that is what Echo & The Bunnymen have done with their debut. Highlights include: Do It Clean, Pride, Crocodiles, Rescue, Villiers Terrace, Read it in Books (co-written by the Teardrop Explodes’ Julian Cope), Pictures on my Wall and All That Jazz. Overall, I give Crocodiles, 4 out of 5.

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