Album #463 – Ace of Spades

Album #463

Ace of Spades has become one of my favorite albums. It is Motorhead’s fourth album and cements it’s classic line-up of Bassist/Lead Singer (and the only constant member) Lemmy Kilmister, Drummer Phil “Filthy Animal” Taylor and Guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke. The chemistry these three musicians have is astounding. This may be the album that inspired thrash metal but, it’s roots are more in step with punk than metal. In fact, the production of Vic Maile, has Ace of Spades sounding closer to Never Mind The Bullocks but with an edge that lines it up with Back In Black. Lemmy’s distinctive voice is gravelly but suits the songs. The lyrics are also typical of the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. But, Motorhead created a new sound and like many other bands of this era, fused sounds together to create something new. Every song on this album is good. The riffs from Fast Eddy are catchy and amazing. I can’t say that about too many albums. Ace of Spades has become a rock classic in the UK selling thousands of copies and propelling metal into the mainstream. But, Motorhead also shows that metal is not scary but accessible and awesome. Overall, I give Ace of Spades, 10 out of 5.

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