Album #468 – Closer

Album #468

Joy Division’s second album is ground breaking. Closer brings Goth rock to life. This form of Alternative rock would become an important part of music in the 80’s and beyond. Even the cover conveys the dark, morbid tone of this album. But, to me, Closer is not as dark or mundane as the first album by the Cure on the list, Seventeen Seconds. There is some brightness within the dark tone and beautiful moments. The critics all agree that Closer is one amazing album. But, it’s sound reminds me of where the members of Joy Division were headed. After Ian Curtis’ death, months after the release of Closer, the remaining members founded New Order. The sounds on Closer are somewhat foreshadowing what New Order would sound like. Although New Order were a synth pop group, their is a darkness in their music that is present on Closer. Ian Curtis’ vocals are indecipherable at times. He sounds like a ghost, calling out in the distance. All the tracks on the album are different, they each convey a different palate of sonic colours. I wasn’t sure what to think of Closer but, the more I listened, the more of an impact it made. You can hear its influence on so many artists. But, the most sad fact about Closer is Ian Curtis’ suicide. It was a tragic way to end a band that influenced many, having only released a couple of albums. But, the music probably tells the story the way nobody else could. Music always has that power and this should never be taken for granted. Highlights include: Isolation, Colony, Means to an End, Heart and Soul, Twenty Four Hours and The Eternal (my favourite track on this album and one of the most haunting songs I have ever heard). Overall, I give Closer, 5 out of 5.

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