Album #469 – Iron Maiden

Album #469

Iron Maiden’s self-titled début is a benchmark in heavy metal. While the cover may be a bit scary, the band is not. Musicianship is key in this band. In fact, much of what was heavy metal back in 1980, pales in comparison to the metal that exists today. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. These days, many wear Maiden T-shirts as a fashion trend. But, I’d love to know if any of them know a single Maiden song. For some reason, these fashion statements make people look more bad ass. Just like if some celebrity is wearing a Ramones T-shirt. What value does it have, if you don’t know the band and their music? Maiden’s line-up has changed drastically since the release of their self-titled début. Lead singer Paul Di’Anno left to be replaced by the stronger, operatic Bruce Dickinson. But, Di’Anno’s vocals are good here and certainly underrated. Bassist Steve Harris is the core of the band, writing all the songs and adding his distinctive gallop to the band’s sound. Harris is the only original member remaining. Iron Maiden should be looked at more for their musicianship than their album covers. The members are musicians first and combine imagery akin to early Black Sabbath and progressive rock. But, in the early days, punk was a part of their sound, especially Harris’ bass lines. To me, much hard rock and heavy metal is more than just being loud. In fact, most of the punk bands I have listened to from the hardcore scene are more violent than any heavy metal group. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal brought this updated form of metal back to the charts in the UK and unfortunately, the US music scene took this and glamorized it. Luckily, Iron Maiden have stayed true to their roots and have continued to make music and tour. If anything, Bruce Dickinson has embodied the spirit of the band.When mentioning in an interview why he got into a band, he said it was because he loved music above all. He couldn’t understand why people got into bands to score chicks and do drugs. To me, that is what makes Iron Maiden so special. The music was and remains the most important. Highlights include: Prowler, Sanctuary, Running Free, Phantom of the Opera (takes me back to my days playing in the basement), Transylvania, Strange World and Iron Maiden. Overall, I give Iron Maiden, 5 out of 5.

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