Album #470 – Hypnotised

Album #470

It’s very rare that one artist or band will make a second album better, or equal to, their debut. That’s exactly what the Undertones did for their second album, Hypnotised. The make their sound more full and energetic while not taking away from their punk roots. The majority of the album was written by brothers John and Damian O’Neill along with bassist Michael Bradley. Lead singer Fearghal Sharkey’s voice is just as strong as on the debut and that sets him apart from many other punk singers. The subject matter is very much the same on Hypnotised as on their debut: songs about being a teenager. There is a certain amount of angst associated with their music. But, it is energetic and you can even dance and head bang to many of these songs. Hypnotised ended up being the groups highest charting album of their short career in the UK. It continues the punky sound of their debut BUT, with a more new wave sound. I could easily identify with the songs and the lyrics. It was almost as if some of these songs were based around the frustrations I felt as a teenager. Highlights include: More Songs About Chocolate and Girls, There Goes Norman, See That Girl, a great cover of Under The Boardwalk, The Way Girls Talk, Hard Luck, My Perfect Cousin, Tearproof, Wednesday Week, Girls That Don’t Talk and What’s With Terry? Overall, I give Hypnotised, 5 out of 5.

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