Album #485 – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Album #485

After Brian Eno’s production work on Talking Heads’ Remain In Light, it was only a matter of time before David Byrne and Eno would collaborate. This is the first of their project together. Eno and Bryne do not sing anywhere on this album. The sound is very similar to Remain in Light: funk and world beat fusing with post-punk and experimentalism. The album instead of Eno and Byrne’s voices, features several samples taken from radio, Islamic and Muslim singers, choirs and a preacher’s sermon. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was ahead of it’s time. Sampling is now an integral part of popular music. To me, this album was Eno and Byrne tapping into something that nobody expected. The way these samples are used on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts became a huge part of electronic and dance music in the 1990’s especially with Moby and Fatboy Slim. The album also had a bit of controversy. The track Qu’ran had to be omitted from future releases because it contains a sample of Algerian Muslims chanting the Koran. The Islamic Council of Great Brittan asked that it be removed; Eno and Byrne complied. Despite this minor setback, the album is still a rich tapestry of sounds. The 1980’s so far, musically, has allowed for everything that has followed. I can’t think of half the new music I hear today existing without this album. I am coming to realize that this list is not as exciting until it hits the 1980’s. Every album I have listened to from the decade so far, has enriched music as we know it today. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is no exception. Other highlights include: America is Waiting, Regiment, Help Me Somebody, The Carrier, A Secret Life and Mountain of Needles. Overall, I give My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, 5 out of 5.

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