Album #488 – Talk Talk Talk

Album #488

The Psychedelic Furs are an iconic band from the 1980’s. Their sound was much more pop than most post-punk bands. Complete with synthesizers and a sax player, the Furs are most widely known for the voice of their lead singer Richard Butler. Butler has a deep, British sounding voice that contrasts with the new wave style of this album’s songs. Yet, it seems to work. The Furs are a band that got it’s start during the punk era of the late 70’s but, didn’t start recording until the next decade. At the center of the production is Steve Lillywhite, a producer who worked with some of the 80’s biggest artists: U2, Peter Gabriel, The Pogues, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Simple Minds, Big Country, XTC and the Talking Heads. Lillywhite’s sound is guitar driven and big sounding. Almost arena rock for the alternative set. The biggest song off Talk Talk Talk is Pretty in Pink, which supposedly inspired the John Hughes movie of the same name. Richard Butler disputes this claim. But, the song ended up being the Furs’ first landmark song and was actually re-recorded for the Pretty in Pink soundtrack in 1986. The Psychedelic Furs combine angst. bitterness and pop sensibility to create a sound that most bands would mirror in the 80’s. Richard Butler’s vocals bring a rough sound to the music but also make this band unique. And, as you and I have seen already, being unique and creative was the name of the game in the 80’s. Other highlights include: Mr. Jones, Dumb Waiters (this album’s other single), She is Mine, It Goes On and All of This and Nothing. Overall, I give Talk Talk Talk, 5 out of 5.

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