Album #490 – Fire of Love

Album #490

The Gun Club are a band that remind me of so many great bluesy rock bands from the past. Their lead singer, Jeffery Lee Pierce, instantly reminds me of Lou Reed. The group sound is a mixture of the punk power of the Stooges, the bluesy rock of the Stones during their classic period of 1968-72 and the raw, untamed sound of the Flaming Groovies. Together, these sounds combined to push the boundaries of punk music. The Gun Club’s lyrics are very dark, raw, unfiltered and hard to understand at times. Pierce’s voice is shaky and nervous but, adds to their sound. I loved every minute of this album. Many critics have said that the album inspired punk blues and psychobilly. They wouldn’t be far off. It’s great to find an album like this on the list because of the fact that it shows modern musicians haven’t forgotten the roots of music. That is something that is not always present in music today. Highlights include: Sex Beat, Preaching The Blues, She’s Like Heroin to Me, For The Love of Ivy, Fire Spirit, Ghost on the Highway, Jack on Fire, Black Train and Goodbye Johnny. Overall, I give Fire of Love, 5 out of 5.

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