Album #493 – Tom Tom Club

Album #493

David Byrne wasn’t the only Talking Head to embark on a side project outside the band. The groups lone married couple, Bassist Tina Weymouth and drummer Chris Franz, formed Tom Tom Club, featuring three of Tina’s sisters on backing vocals and Adrian Belew on guitar. The group’s sound is primarily dance influenced but has shades of new wave. Moroccan and French music are also influences on the group. Just like the Talking Heads, World Beat is an integral part of Tom Tom Club’s sound. You could say Tom Tom Club’s sound is much more wacky compared to the serious and some would say, pretentious sounds of Weymouth and Franz’ other band. You can tell that this is fun for all involved. The lyrics don’t make much sense but who cares. That’s what makes the 80’s so exciting. Fun was not in short supply. The album’s biggest hit was Genius of Love and the song ended up becoming even more well known when Mariah Carey sampled it in her 1993 hit, Fantasy. Tom Tom Club has recorded many albums since their début and it has served as a nice side project for one of alternative rock’s iconic musical couples. But, their first album really was the best in capturing the spirit of what music was and became through the decade. Other highlights include: Wordy Rappinghood, L’Elephant, On, On, On, On… and Booming and Zooming. Overall, I give Tom Tom Club, 4 out of 5.

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