Album #494 – Moving Pictures

Album #494

Moving Pictures has a unique Ontario connection. Any Rush fan worth their weight knows that the band is from the GTA. But, the album cover’s photo was shot in front of Queen’s Park, the Ontario Legislature, in Toronto. But, that’s really the closest the band has come to the provincial government as the views of both differ greatly. The album’s only instrumental track also has a T.O. connection: YYZ gets it’s name from the airport code for Pearson Airport. The rhythm of the song is the same as the Morse code for YYZ. Moving Pictures is my favourite Rush album. The hard rock trio is in fine form here. Some of their biggest songs come from this album: Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Red Barchetta, YYZ. Rush actually recorded the album in the hills of Quebec at Le Studio, based in Morin Heights. Sarah McLachlan, The Police, Shania Twain, Barenaked Ladies and April Wine have all recorded there. The studio is no longer in operation but Rush’s success made it one of the best recording studios in Canada. Musically, Rush continues the addition of synthesizers to their sound. This style of hard rock mixed with synths would bring Rush great success on the charts, specifically in Canada. Tom Sawyer would be the group’s biggest Top 40 hit and one of their two signature songs (the other being Closer to the Heart). Side one is golden, side two not so much. The tracks Witch Hunt and Vital Signs lacked the same effect as the songs on side one. But, the opener on side two, the Camera Eye, is a great Rush deep cut and continues the band’s tradition of long epic songs. Certainly a classic in more ways than one, Moving Pictures is a proud part of my collection. Overall, I give Moving Pictures, 4 out of 5.

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