Album #495 – The Visitors

Album #495

The Visitors is ABBA’s final studio album before the group went their separate ways. It is much different from any of their previous material. To me, it is most like a collection of songs that would be in a Broadway musical. In fact, there is not even a hit single on this album. I was disappointed. While the songs are good, they just don’t match any of ABBA’s previous material. The group’s members would go their separate ways, with Frida embarking on a solo career with the help of Phil Collins. The other three members would disappear out of the limelight until Mamma Mia became a huge Broadway hit almost 15 years ago. The recording sessions for The Visitors were also difficult. Tensions were high and that is probably why the group crumbled and broke up. It is always that way in pop music. Bands break up, some reform but the music is always forever changing. This was the case for ABBA and unfortunately, a change in their sound meant not only the end, but also the members had enough of that lifestyle. Luckilly, the music still remains. Overall, I give The Visitors, 2.5 out of 5.

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