Album #500 – Pornography

Album #500

The Cure’s fourth album, Pornography, is a vast improvement over Seventeen Seconds. While the sound is still dark, it is not as hollow. It would be this sound that the Cure would shape through the rest of the decade. Pornography would pair the Cure up with a new producer. But, the sessions were also clouded with in-fighting. Robert Smith, the group’s lead singer, was also suffering from depression. These songs show his state at the time. While the album’s lyrical content is very melancholy, I liked it. Smith’s emotions are strong here but, the group also expands on their sound instead of detracting from it. It is also when the Cure developed their dark Goth image, one which would become their trademark. The album was for me a revelation into just how dark the 80’s would be. There is also a happy, fun side which got shown too often. But, the dark, Goth rock is some of the best music to come out of this decade. Highlights include: One Hundred Years, The Hanging Garden, The Figurehead, A Strange Day, Cold and Pornography. Overall, I give Pornography, 4.5 out of 5.

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