Album #506 – The Dreaming

Album #506

The Dreaming is the first album that Kate Bush produced on her own. It is more experimental but also has the theatrical feel that makes her so unique. Bush experiments with Celtic music, art rock, baroque pop, classical music, middle eastern and African rhythms and musical theater. Each song is unique and stands alone. Bush also uses other sources for inspiration including Vietnam, Houdini, The Shining and the struggles of Australia’s indigenous people. It makes for a vibrant, exciting album filled with emotional highs and lows. Bush has returned to the spotlight recently. She will perform a series of shows for the first time in 35 years between the end of August and October 1st in London. All 22 shows sold out in 15 minutes back in March when tickets went on sale. These shows are sure to be once in a lifetime and I won’t be surprised if there is a good selection of songs from The Dreaming that will be performed. The album is certainly one of her best; capturing Bush at her most vulnerable and creative. I am a huge fan of her work and the Dreaming has made me an even bigger one. This album left quite the impact on me and I’m sure will continue to be a part of my regular listening. Highlights include: Sat In Your Lap, Pull Out The Pin, Leave It Open, The Dreaming, Night of the Swallow, All the Love and Get Out of My House. Overall, I give The Dreaming, 5 out of 5.

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