Album #507 – Rip It Up

Album #507

Orange Juice are one of those post-punk/new wave bands that flew under the radar. The title track of this album was their biggest hit: an alternative dance classic complete with synth bass. But, the rest of the album varies musically. There’s African-influenced pop (A Million Pleading Faces, Hokoyo), Reggae (Mud In Your Eye, Breakfast Time) and soul (I Can’t Help Myself). The band, fronted by Edwin Collins, combines all these unique sounds to make an interesting album. The band’s line up changed right before they began recording. With the addition of a new guitarist and Drummer Zeke Manyika, the group sound changed significantly. I’m not sure why this album was chosen to be on the list but I enjoyed it. The critics on the other hand said the album was uneven musically and didn’t compare to their first effort. I disagree. I appreciated the diversity of sounds and it made the album far from mundane and boring. Orange Juice would eventually break up, like many bands from this era but, their lead singer, Edwin Collins, would have a solo career. His song A Girl Like You was a modest hit in the early 90’s. Seems like there’s life for lead singers after their band breaks up, at least in the New Wave/Post-punk era. Other highlights include:  Turn Away, Flesh of my Flesh, Louise Louise and Tenterhook. Overall, I give Rip It Up, 4.5 out of 5.

Next: Thriller by Michael Jackson!!!

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