Album #510 – Black Metal

Album #510

Black Metal by Venom was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The group’s second album influenced thrash metal, black metal and death metal. But, the sound of the group is much more like Motorhead than Slayer. They got bad reviews when this album was released with some saying they found Venom to be a bunch of juvenile hooligans. This is probably due to the band’s lyrics which were at times silly and not serious like other metal bands of the British New Wave of Heavy Metal. But, despite this, they influenced countless bands in the process. Cronos, like Lemmy, was the group’s bassist and lead singer and has a rough voice but, not like the gravelly voice of Lemmy. With song titles like Raise The Dead, To Hell and Back and Buried Alive, you’d think the group were scary and violent. But, they were much more. Their humor and dark sound attracted punks and metal fans. I was really impressed with the album and will be adding it to my collection. Luckily, Venom are still touring but, Cronos remains the only original member. Overall, I give Black Metal, 4.5 out of 5.

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