Album #527 – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Album #527

Sweet Dreams was the breakthrough album for Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox. Their group Eurythmics turned synth pop on it’s head in the early 80’s, adding soul and r&b into the mix. At the core is Annie Lennox who has not only an amazing voice but, one that is suited towards soul music. It was unlike anything that was heard at the time. Lennox and Stewart did date before they formed the group and some of their earliest hits came out of arguments between the two. The album was made very cheaply in the home studio of Stewart using synths and drum machines. Without Annie Lennox’s voice, I’m sure the group would have been a flash in the pan. She breathes life into all of these songs and, he multi-tracked harmonies are  not uniform but all unique as well. The title track became a number one hit in the U.S. in 1983, thanks in part to the landmark video shown heavily on MTV which included among other things: cows, playing cellos in an open field, Dave Stewart tinkering on his computer, the duo meditating in front of gold records AND Annie Lennox dressed in a suit with a short haircut. Lennox would continue to play with gender roles throughout the group’s existence. Eurythmics would continue to have success in the 80’s before breaking up at the start of the next decade. They have reunited several times since then but, Annie and Dave have done their own thing since they went their separate ways. Annie has had a successful solo career and Dave has served as a songwriter and producer. But, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), is a testament to how great they were together. Other highlights include: The Walk, Jennifer, This Is The House, Somebody Told Me and This City Never Sleeps. Overall, I give Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), 4.5 out of 5.

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