Album #531 – Colour by Numbers

Album #531

Colour By Numbers was Culture Club’s biggest album, and in the group’s mind, their best.The group is named after the different cultural backgrounds that each member had. It came out when Boy George was a strong symbol in 80’s pop culture. His androgynous look had it’s fair share of controversy. But, the group managed to have their biggest hit coming from the album: Karma Chameleon. A harmonica-filled, new wave smash that made the group household names thanks to the video’s endless airplay on MTV. The album came smack dab in the middle of the early 80’s pop phenomenon. Thanks to MTV, a new wave of British acts were making their way across the Atlantic. Culture Club were one of those acts. Their music is a combination of new wave, soul and pop. Boy George’s voice is similar to many of the singers who were in new wave bands at the time: smooth, deep and wailing. This album would represent the high point for the group. Within a couple of years, the band would break-up. Boy George would go on to have a solo career and make headlines for his behavior, not his music. But, the group reunited a few times over the last two decades and since 2011, they have been touring and releasing new music. Next month, they will perform this album in it’s entirety with an orchestra in England. Not bad for a group that helped shape pop music in the 80’s. Other highlights include: Black Money, Church of the Poison Mind, Stormkeeper and Victims. Overall, I give Colour by Numbers, 3 out of 5.

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