Album #541 – Private Dancer

Album #541

This album was a disappointment. Tina Turner’s comeback singles from this album were electric. She showed just how much she could hold her own with new performers half her age. But, that was the problem with Private Dancer, the album: too much 80’s inflated pop production. Besides What’s Love Got To Do With It, Better Be Good To Me and the title track, the rest of the album falls flat. Tina’s voice is unique enough to cut through even the massive production that surrounds it. But, the production takes away from all the other cuts on this album. It wasn’t rocking enough for me. Better Be Good To Me shows that Tina can rock and roll with the best of them. The producers should have really taken a cue from Tina’s duet with Bryan Adams from his album Reckless, released the same year. There’s not a lot of production there. Just a tight, kick ass rock and roll band with Bryan and Tina passionately singing. Maybe its me, but Tina sounds best with that type of set up. Then again, this album had TOO many producers. Better Be Good To Me provides this and along with Private Dancer is my favorite track on the album. It’s more about the voice and less about everything else. Despite the over-production, Private Dancer brought Tina back into the public eye. What’s Love Got To Do With It was her first and only number one hit. It’s a song that Turner disliked but made the latter half of her career a success. After that success, she sold out venues around the World and proved that age is just a number. Tina is now retired and living happily with her second husband in Switzerland. But, she will always be the Queen of Rock N’ Roll not only to me, but millions of others. It’s just too bad that Private Dancer wasn’t a stronger album. Overall, I give Private Dancer, 2.5 out of 5.

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