Album #556 – Hounds of Love

Album #556

Kate Bush is one of those artists whose body of work speaks for itself. She rarely gives interviews anymore. There is no need. She puts her heart and soul into her own life, not having to define what she is doing to the masses. The music, when she decided to go back into that world, is flawless and real. No BS here. It is what SHE wants to do at that moment. Take her 22 night residency at London’s Hammersmith Odeon a few years ago. The reviews for the show were fantastic. It was Bush’s first time performing a series of concerts in several decades. And yet, Kate Bush felt like it was the right time. There was no money making agenda. No desperation. Just a desire to give the fans one last go ’round. This is what I love about Kate Bush. Hounds of Love has been declared by many to be her best album. It is certainly her most accessible but, it is an album that is part of an all encompassing body of work. To me, every album she has released is simply a piece of the puzzle. There are not many musical artists I can say that about. I love the range of styles on this album: classical, opera, an Irish jig, art pop. But, Bush is more importantly a master at capturing emotion on Hounds of Love. She can sound angry, sad, happy, introspective and indifferent. Sometimes all in the same song. Great music I have learned, while doing the challenge, requires strong emotion. It doesn’t matter if the music is happy or sad; is it legitimate. With Kate Bush, it always has been. This album was also the first Kate Bush release to be recorded in her home studio. Hounds of Love marks a turning point. Bush would now be doing music entirely on her terms. Maybe that is why so many love this album. Blood, sweat and tears became a part of Kate Bush’s narrative. She was finally able to tell her own story and this was the result. Not bad for the first go around.

Highlights include: Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God), Hounds of Love, The Big Sky, Cloudbusting, And Dream of Sheep, Waking the Witch, Jig of Life, Hello Earth and The Morning Fog.

Overall, I give Hounds of Love, 5 out of 5.

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