Album #562 – Don’t Stand Me Down

Album #562

Album #562

Because the 1001 Album list and book are a British list, there are some surprises and some albums that I feel have no place on a list of that caliber. Don’t Stand Me Down is an album that really has no place on the list. Having NOW listened to all three of Dexys Midnight Runners’ albums, I don’t get why the authors of this book made such a big deal about this band. They had one big hit in North America for a reason. Come On Eileen is a great song but beyond that, what do Dexys Midnight Runners really offer for musical inspiration? When they started recording, there was something unique there. But, by the time Don’t Stand Me Down was released, the band was filled with tension. In fact several members left the group during the recording of Don’t Stand Me Down. The four remaining members are in the cover photograph. In fact, you can hear the tension on many of the album’s tracks. The magic just isn’t there anymore. In fact, I can remember watching Pop-up Video as a kid and seeing the vid for Come on Eileen. The pop-ups went on to reveal that through the video’s day long shoot several members of the band were fired or left the group. It seems that lead singer Kevin Rowland couldn’t get along with ANYBODY. Its sad to see it carry over to the group’s next album. Probably the worst case of leadsingeritis that I’ve ever seen or heard about. The album’s sound mixes their original soul influence with country, folk and jazz. At times, the album sounds like a bad Broadway play (This Is What She’s Like is a 12:23 song, half of which contains a rambling dialogue). Maybe Tarantino got the idea to have lines from his films on the accompanying soundtrack album from Don’t Stand Me Down. At least Tarantino did a better job.

Overall, I give Don’t Stand Me Down, 2 out of 5.

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