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Album #552 – Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good

Album #552

This album was a huge disappointment. I had read many reviews that hailed Paddy McAloon as one of the greatest songwriters of his generation. Indeed, When Love Breaks Down is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. It shows the real aspect of any relationship: that it’s not easy and always filled with tests and tension. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who has captured this feeling better. But, the rest of the album was lost on me. It probably has to do with the fact that Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good is over produced. The band recruited Thomas Dolby (yes, THAT Thomas Dolby) to act as producer. I have no issue with Dolby’s solo output and some of it is AMAZING (I Scare Myself, Windpower). But, he was the wrong guy for the job. Too many synthesizers and slick pop production. It then causes most of the songs to go unnoticed. McAloon’s lyrics become buried under Dolby’s prowess. It’s really too bad. Maybe I will listen to it again at some point but, despite this, When Love Breaks Down still holds up as one of THE greatest love songs of all time. Overall, I give When Love Breaks Down, 2 out of 5.

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Classic Maritime TV News opens from 1987 and 1990

One of the cool things about this blog is the ways in which it is spread. As many readers of this blog know, I am in my first year of the two year Radio and Television Arts program at NSCC’s Waterfront Campus. A second year student needed help with a blog assignment for one of her classes and since I knew a bit about blogs, she asked me. I gave her my blog to use and supposedly, it took off. Many of the second years now read this blog. So, I say welcome. I have decided to do some posts on cool stuff about our business. This first one is a great way to start off.
A few days ago, I was showing another second year a site with T.V. News Themes on it, to spark ideas for the theme song for the second year newscast. I then showed her a website that had old newscast opens from her current employer. She went bolistic. She could not believe how different one of her co-workers looked and she said she would share this site with some of them. I decided when I got home I would search YouTube for more opens and I found the two below. This is a great time capsule as to what TV News was like in my corner of the world. These opens make me proud to be from the Maritimes. Enjoy!!!

This open is mislabelled. It is from 1990. The cool thing about this open is that everything is superimposed over the computer. I learned about that technique in a video at school earlier this week!!!:

This open is from December 1987:

Album #98 – Sunshine Superman

Album #98

Donovan has been called many things including the British Bob Dylan but to me, he was always something more than that. Donovan relished in psychedelic sounds on his 1960’s albums. This was something Dylan did not venture into at all. The first time I actually heard some of Donovan’s songs was in high school. I did not know his music for the longest time and I actually got him confused with Dion Dimucci and Del Shannon. Once I stumble upon his bigger songs, such as Sunshine Superman and Season Of The Witch (both of which are on this album), I was hooked. His voice is unique and distinctive with a slight British accent creeping in. The songs on here all have a psychedelic sound and partly deal with the subject matter that was common at the time. Technically, the version of the album I listened to was released in 1966. It was not until 1967 that the album was released in the UK as a compilation of this album and the album Mellow Yellow. I listened to the US version. The UK version was so late being released because of contract issues at Donovan’s UK label. None the less, it was worth the wait. I liked this album. The psychedelic sound added to the songs. Donovan acknowledges some of his contemporaries, including Bert Jansch and Jefferson Airplane, on a few of the albums tracks. Besides Sunshine Superman and Season Of The Witch, I also enjoyed the song The Fat Angel. It’s chorus is so catchy and he is always changing it slightly. Other highlights include: Ferris Wheel and The Trip. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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Good News

After only having my interview a few days ago, I am now officially a student in the Nova Scotia Community College’s Radio and Television Arts program!!!! I got the news tonight when I got home from work. I am so excited and thrilled to begin this next chapter of my life!!! The program starts in September 2011 and I cannot wait!!!!

Album #76 – Beach Samba

Album #76

This album reminded me of elevator music. That is pretty much what this album sounds like. Gilberto’s voice is very soothing and I love the reverb effect that was put on it during recording. She also has a track that sounds like a corny Disney parade and her son even sings with her on one track and she tells him how proud she is of him. But, overall this album was disappointing and I just was not feeling it. Overall, I give this album 2 out of 5.

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