Album #1: In The Wee Small Hours

Album #1

This album is a favorite of many artists including Tom Waits, who called it his favorite album of all time. I can see why so many people appreciated Frank’s voice. What a voice it is. I found this album to be very sad and melancholy. At times, I wanted to turn it off. It was too depressing for me. But, I loved hearing Frank’s voice. It is a voice that can be duplicated by people such as Michael BublĂ© but it can never be quite the same as when it comes from Ol’ Blue Eyes. I didn’t really have a favorite song on this album because the songs all sounded similar to me. The songs feature lush string arrangements backing Sinatra’s voice. I also heard that this is a concept album of sorts which is kind of cool for the Tin Pan Alley era. Overall, I give this album 3 out of 5 starts.

Tomorrow: Elvis Presley’s debut solo album, Elvis Presley.



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