Album #39 – The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady


Album #39

This album was very boring. I did not like it at all. I like the idea that Mingus wanted to do a ballet with Jazz musicians but this album was too avant-guard for me. Mingus and the musicians are all very talented on here. But, this album reflects Mingus’ state of mind. I read that the liner notes for this album were written by his psychologist. I love the way the saxophones sound like they are coming from the 40’s. It is almost as if the Lawrence Welk Orchestra horn and rhythm sections took loads of acid and wrote some music together to perform on the show without the assistance of Mr. Welk. It is very hard to listen to. I hate to offend my jazz and avant-guard loving friends but I just am not getting it. The music was more suited for a movie than for an album. But, it is unfocused and all over the place. I even read that this album was the first jazz album to be overdubbed. Mingus wanted this album to be perfect. I thought he was trying to be too perfect. What you end up with is a chaotic mess. I just did not like it that much and I will probably never listen to it again. Sorry Peter and all my other jazz/avant-guard loving friends!!! Overall, this album gets a 2 out of 5. The musicians were very good, but the music was too unfocused and all over the place.

Next: James Brown Live At The Apollo!!!


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